Jiujitsu Pilgrim Post #1

Hello! I am like you. ADDICTED to BJJ.

I am a professional Stand-up Comedian collinlive.com and purple belt in jiujitsu that tours the world telling jokes and training.

Runaway Train Full Of Thumbs

Evolution isn’t pretty but it’s the only way to get thumbs… I don’t know who said that but he was either a genius or a compete moron.

UFC second semester A+

“Woodley weight division” “Gaethje, punch drunk at 29…” caucasian zombie v asian zombie. Mark Hunt…. a danger to himself and others.

Every Fighter (Exposed)

The secret is like an old friend that keeps stopping by and always making me feel bad about myself.

Weight Of A Life Well Lived

Maybe we are designed to carry less weight through a life well lived then required by a life well lived. I have always marveled at the conscienceless as they glide through the rapids seemingly hovering above the turbulent waters, oar held high toward the heavens in victory while reaching down with the other to lend…

Just Go!

Jiujitsu fitness… I don’t REALLY know either. As I find myself entering another rush of excitement about training I can’t help but wonder how to approach fitness for my passion. I guess the important breaks we give ourselves have their place. They allow us to be better at our jobs, keep our spouses, raise our…

Getting Punched In The Husbrain

I am watching UFC fight night Poland right now and Sam Alvey’s wife is in the corner… Hmmm. Look, I am as married as the next guy but come on. You are never going to convince me that it’s a good idea to have the same person cornering you, while a man is trying to…

Redefining Risk

Last night we finally learned that Conor Macgregor, while an exciting fighter, is not the only exciting fighter in UFC. There are huge stars on the rise and they will, no doubt explode into supernovas in the near future! Tony Ferguson has no problem getting the audience on board with the “El Cucuy Cause”. This…

Mystic Mac Demystified

Mystic Mac was demystified. How many of you count yourselves among the haters? That fight gave us exactly what we always wanted, And everyone did everything they could to show us the truth of pure boxing matched up against the best case scenario of challengers. Macregor prepared valiantly and sold the hell out of the…

Come Back To Jiujitsu

Think of how different our lives would be if our criteria for engagement with any physical challenge was some measure of fear.