Jiujitsu Pilgrim Post #1

Hello! I am like you. ADDICTED to BJJ.

I am a professional Stand-up Comedian collinlive.com and purple belt in jiujitsu that tours the world telling jokes and training. I have noticed, over the last ten years or so that few things in life offer such a strong connection to your mind, body, friends, family, discipline, and all the the challenges you need to function and grow but shy away from in everyday life.

Jiujitsu is effortless and endlessly challenging at the same time.

The global family of Jiujitsu practitioners is stunning and enormous but relatively new. Just 11 years ago when I started there would be one storage unit in some weird, neighboring town that was loaded with cops, street fighters, and one Brazilian guy who spoke three words of English. Even then we knew that this would be everywhere. It had to be. We couldn’t stop and few who started could.

Now we can train at a high level anywhere in the world and So we do. But the thing that makes it so special is that the minute you begin training you have become part of a pre vetted family of people who value each other as they value their closest friends and family. It gives us happiness, health, and hope.

The site Jiujitsupilgrim.com is a new site that I have created as a home for that hope. A place where I can bring you a glimpse of what your extended Jiujitsu family is doing. A blog, a podcast, some technique, some humor, and some insight.

I will figure out the best way to give you what you want over time and with your help. please friend up, link up, do whatever you do to keep track of the content at jiujitsupilgrim.com as it grows.

I promise we will have fun with it. I already have a bunch of high and low level jiujitsu people and high and low level humans that want in so it should be a blast.

Peace love and ringworm,IMG_0190 2.jpg weirdos,

Collin Moulton

(The Jiujitsu Pilgrim)



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