TUF 25 Redemption Finale

Ok. It’s time I came clean. If I don’t tell you this, my wife probably, eventually will.

I cried when (spoiler alert) Jesse Taylor won the season 25 TUF finale. You think that’s funny? I was with my wife and daughter. They had no idea the fire that dude walked through to get there, the depths he rose out of, the self induced disaster he clawed through in his mind to get there.  I however had watched the whole thing unfold from the beginning. I found myself strangely invested in this goofy looking Don Quixote character that was now fighting for all of us who felt full self confidence crumble into debilitating self doubt. Those of us who have made mistakes and are all too aware of how delicate any success we have actually is. I was him and he was me and I cried… not a little. I couldn’t stop. It was joy, sadness, inspiration, and of course, redemption.

My wife laughed and so did my daughter. In their defense they pulled back when they saw how real it was. They knew there was something different about this one. They knew this wasn’t like every other time I rode emotionally into a battle with an mma fighter I had never met. This one was special and so is Jesse. That disciplined mentality that we all aspire to has rarely ever been so clearly displayed in an egoless way as it was that night and I for one was moved, changed, and inspired… and a little embarrassed.

Thank you Jesse Taylor for the inspiration.

Share this blog if you’ve ever cried like a little bitch for the actions of warrior!

PS I just watched again and…. aww man!

UPDATE: I just searched for images of Dana canning Jesse over the drunken night he had on his first TUF and images of the actual event… It’s all been scrubbed! Damn Dana! That reach is far and strong. Well,good! It has been scrubbed from my memory as well and Im sure Jesse has scrubbed it because we watched him scrub it!download


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