Come Back To Jiujitsu

“Got to get myself back on the mats.”

Fear. I guess that’s the thing. Fear of pain. Fear of not performing well in front of your peers. How many times have you finally gone back and found out that you weren’t quite as out of shape as you thought, not quite as bad at jiujitsu as you had imagined being? I would be willing to bet it’s more than 50% more than 75%. For me? It’s 100%!

Fear keeps me from almost everything I want. What if we reacted to fear in an opposite way. What if fear was the trigger for us to do something instead of avoid it. (Within reason obviously) What if fear was a prerequisite to action.

Think of how different our lives would be if our criteria for engagement with any physical challenge was some measure of fear.

It is no secret that there are people out there doing things that we think of as exciting, impossible and amazing. We live vicariously through those people and we celebrate them in media and anecdote. I wonder how many of those people live by that criteria? I would be willing to bet it’s more than 50% more than 75%… It is probably 100%.

So you haven’t trained a few weeks, months, years. Listen to yourself when you explain why to others. Fear.

Come back to jiujitsu. Trust me. Everybody misses you!IMG_1955.JPGIMG_1927.JPGIMG_1883.JPGIMG_1105.jpg


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