Mystic Mac Demystified

Mystic Mac was demystified. How many of you count yourselves among the haters?

That fight gave us exactly what we always wanted, And everyone did everything they could to show us the truth of pure boxing matched up against the best case scenario of challengers.

Macregor prepared valiantly and sold the hell out of the bout while Mayweather did not take him lightly and we witnessed two responsible professional athletes earning their money… rare!

I, for one, saw a creative fighter in Conor and a humbled but clever veteran in Mayweather. No one left in shame and no one belittled their sport by throwing any fits about the natural awkwardness of the fight.

Stoppage? Not too soon! To those of you who said “Conor has been knocked out and come back…” That was a cumulative knockout. way different than a flash knockout like we see in MMA. That referee was a hero, a gentleman, and probably had stiff ass drink after that one!

Overall I loved that fight from the day it was announce until the night at my friends house when we all got done talking about it and went home.

Thank you Conor and Floyd. That was truly historical!


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