Conor Combat Sports

Here we go… Saturday night. Fight Night is here again. Who is on the card?…. No I heard the names but Who!? I’ll give you Struve and Volkov. That is going to be good but come on. There are so many known, exciting, and deserving fighters out there.

The UFC is at a critical point. They HAVE TO make these cards count. They HAVE TO keep our attention. What if Conor Macgregor hypes every fight? What if the UFC gives him 100 million a year to just hype fights. The pay off would be way bigger than 100 million!

This sounds like a joke but I predict that Conor is being groomed or grooming himself to create a combat sports network or central promotion for all things fighting. Mark my words. CCS Conor Combat Sports will eclipse the UFC and Dana will be the General Manager.

Or maybe he will just write a book… Yeah right!

Well played gentlemen. We didn’t even see it coming.




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