Redefining Risk

Last night we finally learned that Conor Macgregor, while an exciting fighter, is not the only exciting fighter in UFC. There are huge stars on the rise and they will, no doubt explode into supernovas in the near future!

Tony Ferguson has no problem getting the audience on board with the “El Cucuy Cause”. This dude brings it and brought it. Kevin Lee is no slouch either and will always be in the wings now waiting to bring the big rematch with a great twist of a common alma mater.

Demetrious Johnson is finally breaking out by never giving up on impressing everyone till the very end.

My take away from UFC 2016 was a life changer!

When it comes to success in MMA or anything else. There is no rest for the weary and it’s not for the self conscious or careful. If you prepare at the level of a Conor Macgregor, Tony Ferguson, or Demetrious Johnson then there is no such thing as risk. Risk by definition is an exception to a rule. When you are in a constant state of high level performance there are no rules for you. you live in risk and are free to create!

Don’t devalue the work of these young people are doing by missing their lesson. Go out in your world every day and create with freedom, redefine risk, and be your best. You owe it to them and yourself.


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