Getting Punched In The Husbrain

I am watching UFC fight night Poland right now and Sam Alvey’s wife is in the corner… Hmmm. Look, I am as married as the next guy but come on. You are never going to convince me that it’s a good idea to have the same person cornering you, while a man is trying to rip your head off, that spent the last Tuesday yelling at you about forgetting to put the trash on the curb.

The corner wife would be profoundly distracting no matter how balanced your relationship. I am not saying that I can’t set the marital baggage aside during wifey interactions so that we can be in the moment together but every once in a while… It sneaks through. It is that moment that you have to spend at least a few minutes clearing whatever emotionally charged imagery has wormed itself into your husbrain. The worst possible time that I can imagine that happening is when I am ten seconds from slamming into a young heavyweight that grew up in a dumpster in a war torn country dreaming of one day punching Americans.

Watching Alvey’s wife tell him what he is doing wrong while a Huge Russian is kicking his ass gave me an enormous amount of respect for Sam. I hope he handles the trash thing with the same composure.

All hail Sam Alvey! Husband of the year.




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