Miocic vs Ngannou; Sheeple Are Never Champions

OK. January 20th we will discover which is the best way to breed a fighter for the heavyweight division.

Say you want your child to be the next UFC big guy champ. You can either send him to a sand mine in another country and then finish him out with a few years of living on the streets of Paris then immediately surround him with the most high tech training and testing. OR…. Immigrate from Croatia raise your son as a single parent and encourage him to be a firefighter.

On January 20th Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic will meet in the octagon and the final answer will be apparent. People will immediately begin immigrating and divorcing or moving next to a sand mine in Cameroon.

I think the point is that the sheeple are never champions. These people have their own story as will every new champion. Mimicry is never the path for greatness. Be yourself and train!

Love you and miss you Jiujitsu brothers and sisters!



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