Just Go!

Jiujitsu fitness… I don’t REALLY know either.

As I find myself entering another rush of excitement about training I can’t help but wonder how to approach fitness for my passion. I guess the important breaks we give ourselves have their place. They allow us to be better at our jobs, keep our spouses, raise our kids at critical moments, and sometimes just heal. Arguably the most important benefit is our freshening of perspective on how jiujitsu fits in our life and how we fit in jiujitsu.

At a practical level I dread breaking through the cardio wall I have created but philosophically I think it is where I need to focus. Jiujitsu fitness can seem specific but maybe it isn’t. As jiujitsu players we tend to like to analyze and think deeply as a habit. Maybe we need to abandon this tendency at our onsets and just do. Do the things we do the way we do them and adjust as we get up to speed.

I almost sabotaged myself recently by trying to do the perfect thing. Trying to anticipate what my new approach should be this time.  There is so much new tech and talk and so many cutting edge ideas that you may find yourself at an impasse as you return to your beloved martial art. You may find yourself armed with new ways to talk yourself out of getting back on the mats.

I always learn the same lesson at these moments. Just go! Do the things you know! Eat as clean as you can, drink a lot of water, and lift or run or kettlebell or whatever. Don’t let the avalanche of new ideas and jiujitsu awareness hinder you. It is good fortune that we have grown this thing and Jiujitsu wants you back. Your jiujitsu brothers and sisters want you back.

Just go!


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